Go Green with a Custom Home Plan


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Now that it’s 2015, we live in a world saturated with designer-brand things. Even medicine has caught up, with “designer babies” and custom medications. So it’s no wonder that custom house models are more popular than ever as well. Combine the fact that they’re designer home models with the fact that many are built specifically to take green energy into account– and it’s the perfect combination for these times.

Most custom home plans start out with basic wants and needs– popular things that people ask for are pools and outdoor kitchens, for example. But eventually, the buyer wants to know how to reduce upkeep and costs long term, which leads to green energy. Reports show that many buyers want a fully-wired smart system in their home that can sync with a smartphone or tablet in order to control their devices, electronics, and security.

Then, the focus can shift to heating and cooling. Geothermal systems are proven to use 25 to 50% less energy than traditional HVAC units, and they also reduce emissions. This can save the homeowner not only energy, but money over the lifetime of the unit. Other eco-friendly installments include convection ovens, which have been shown to cook 25% quicker while using less energy.

These small installments in custom house models can actually help to reduce the investment you put into the house over your lifetime. Custom home builders can help perfect the plans you already have, and can consult on even better additions and eco-friendly installments. These homes aren’t just for the rich either– in fact, most contractors only charge about 15-20% of the entire home’s cost, which is a lot less than most people are led to believe. Do some research on builders in your area, and see for yourself!

Are you thinking of contacting a custom home builder? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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