Getting the Right Tent and Accessories for an Outdoor Event


A number of festive events might take place outdoors, if the weather permits and if the event’s organizers an find the right tent rentals to make it possible. Large party tents are ideal for these outdoor events, ranging from a wedding to a bar/bat mitzvah to a Sweet 16 birthday party or even a charity meal or outdoor music performance. Wedding tent rentals and wedding linen rentals are something for the bride and groom, or a wedding planner, to handle, and there are many factors to juggle. A tent isn’t just a stretch of fabric over some poles; there are many fun tent accessories that the renters may want, and the renters should also figure out the square footage that they will need. Before choosing fun tent accessories, the renters will decide where to put the tent and how large it should be. Then they can find fun tent accessories, which may or may not come from the same company that offered the tent. What are these fun tent accessories, anyway?

The Right Size for the Tent

Organizing an outdoor event means juggling several factors and doing some math, and the tent size is not something that should be estimated. A too-large tent is a waste of money, and a too-small tent can’t even house everyone. Fortunately, outdoor events typically involve keeping a guest list, and when that list is finalized, the event’s hosts can use it as reference for table and chair rentals.

A finalized guest list allows the event’s organizers to determine how many tables, and what kind, to rent and how to arrange them. A smaller event may only need a single long table, but a wedding reception with 250 gusts may call for a number of round tables. The number of people that each table can seat will also be taken into account, and all this will result in the final count of tables needed, not to mention chairs. Rarely, if ever will event organizers actually purchase these items, since that can be staggeringly expensive and the buyer might not have somewhere to put them all afterwards. Rather, they can turn to dedicated table and chair rental places.

The square footage will come from the total number and size of tables, not to mention necessary room between them all for walking and for sliding chairs in and out. Arranging this carefully allows the renters to determine exactly the total square footage, and with this information in mind, they can visit local tent rental companies. It is best to do this in person before finalizing a rental, so the renters can look over tents in person to see their colors and check for damage or defects, such as rips or stains. But what about fun tent accessories? A plain tent will keep the rain and sun off the guests, but for some events, it might be pretty plain-looking. So, fun tent accessories can make the event more festive.

Renting Fun Tent Accessories

A festive event such as a bar/bat mitzvah, a Sweet 16 birthday party, or a wedding will call for some fun tent accessories in the case of an outdoor event. For example, many large curtains can be draped along the tent’s eaves, which not only look nice but will also pend some privacy to the event, especially in a park where there might be other people around. In most cases, especially in warm weather, these curtains may be on the thinner side so the tent interior won’t get too warm, and thin material allows sunlight to get in (which is to be desired). The exact color of the fabric may be a matter of personal preference, such as white or lavender for a wedding.

Lighting is another example of fun tent accessories. Lanterns and strings of lights not only look festive, but in the evening or night, they are necessary to keep everything well lit after the sun has gone down. Hanging garlands may also be a fine idea for an outdoor wedding under a tent, not to mention rugs that allow guests to walk barefoot or in sandals without getting dirty on the ground. For casual events, large pillows can be rented and lounged on.

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