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Hiring the right furniture mover company for when a family moves to another residence can be the difference between a smooth transition and losing or damaging one’s furniture along the way, and even for different purposes, a furniture mover company can be very useful to hire for a job. Every year, many American individuals and households will move to new neighborhoods, cities, or states, and this means getting the right moving service to help out, and professionals can hire office movers to get their furniture and supplies to a new corporate building. A furniture mover company may also offer a variety of moving trucks, trailers, or other services based on the customer’s needs, and fees and prices for moving may vary based on distance moved or the truck type rented. Who likes to move, and how often? What can a furniture delivery company do for their client’s needs?

People Moving Around

Few people stay at the same residence their entire lives. Some, in fact, move quite often, and this puts them in the market for a furniture moving company or a more general moving assistance crew. It has been determined that the average American moves about 12 times in their lifetime, and renters may be even more fleet-footed; around 33% of renters will move every single year, so that’s a lot of packing, moving, and unpacking work that may require professional assistance. In particular, education may impact moving rates; 77% of college graduates have moved or changed communities of residence at least once, and many have lived in multiple states. This contrasts with those with a high school diploma or less, where 56% of these people will move. And among adults, staying in one’s home state is relatively common; 57% of adults have never lived outside their home state, and among adults, only 15% have lived in four or more states. It is believed that 63% of adults have moved to a new community at least once, and 37% have not ever left their hometowns. So, with all these people and families moving around (not to mention businesses), there is plenty of work for a furniture mover company.

Residential Moving Services and Office Moves

Someone looking to move themselves or their family to a new residence will first prepare for the move. Items will be packed up and furniture will be cleared off, and right before the move, a final cleaning of the house may be undertaken (homeowners want their house to sell better, and renters might be required to do this). Vacuuming and shampooing the rugs and carpets is a good start, along with removing wallpaper and wiping the windows. Multiple moving companies in one’s area should be contacted, and their fees, hours of operation, and availability of different trucks and trailers should be compared to find the best deal. Clients can also request contact information to ask previous customers for reviews on the moving companies get a better idea of how well they work.

On moving day, the mover crews may help load heavy boxes and furniture into trucks or trailers, and items should be packed close together so nothing can jostle around, scrape each other, or fall over during the move. And at the new residence, if the streets or back lanes are too narrow for a given truck or trailer, items may be transferred to a smaller one that can reach the property. And similar services exist for those who are not moving, but instead storing some of their furniture in self-storage units. Often, boxes of older items or excess furniture will be stored at such a unit, either in the long term or just for a short duration while the owner carries out other projects. Businesses can also make use of furniture mover companies when they relocate to a new headquarters or office building, transporting all their fax machines, desks, filing cabinets, meeting room tables and chairs, and more to the new business campus.

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