Get the Right Banquet Hall for Your Wedding Reception with These Tips


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You got engaged! How exciting! Now you get to plan your wedding. Some experts recommend couples book their banquet hall for the wedding reception immediately as they book up fast. Often they need to be reserved between nine and 12 months in advance. It has been reported that most brides take between seven and 12 months to plan their weddings so this fits with that. Finding cheap banquet halls is not always easy but it can be done.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Banquet Hall for Your Wedding Reception:

  1. Think about your guest list. How many people do you plan to invite to your wedding? The average wedding had 136 guests in 2014. The first thing to think about when looking at cheap banquet halls is the size. How many people can fit comfortably? The size of your banquet hall is not just about fitting people in, it is about setting the right mood. The venue where you hold your reception can make a difference in how much fun people have. If the place is too small, people will feel cramped and stuffed in but getting one that is too big is not any better, people feel almost as uncomfortable in a room that is too big. If you have to decide between a banquet hall that is too big or too small, you should go with the bigger one. You can scale it down but you cannot add space to a room.
  2. Where is the banquet hall? When you are looking at different cheap banquet halls, give some thought to how your guests will get there. If you find great event venues that seem perfect but are far away, the distance your guests have to travel may deter them from attending. You want to find party venues that are either located in the center of town or are close to a major highway so that your guests can get there. If you have a lot of people coming in from out of town or even farther away and they are all staying at one hotel, talk to that hotel. You may be able to get a good deal. In fact, when you are looking at places, consider talking to hotels about coming up with an arrangement for your guests and your reception at the same time.
  3. Ask about the amenities they offer. All expensive and cheap banquet halls should have the basics like chairs and tables. They may also have some basic decorations but you should not judge a place by their decorations, you can always bring yours in and will probably want to. Ask about what kind of changing rooms, audio/visual equipment and wireless internet options they have. You can go with a DJ but you can also stream music from the Internet. Make sure the venue you select has enough parking for all of your guests. You should see what the catering options are available. Some banquet halls require people use their caterer or have a list of caterers that can be used.
  4. How much does it cost? If you are looking for cheap banquet halls, the price is clearly important but you may want to look past the first price they give you. There may be other costs involved that are not part of the price you are quoted. By the same token, what looks like a more expensive venue may offer a lot more so that you end up spending less. The bottom line is that you should ask what is included in the price. The cheapest venue may end up costing more than you expect and the converse can be said of more expensive choices.

Finding the right wedding venue and spot for your reception may feel like a daunting task but it really does not have to be. If you are looking for cheap banquet halls and not finding what you want, you can look at outdoor options (depending on what part of the country you are in). If you do some research and spend some time on it, you will find a great venue for your reception that everyone will enjoy.


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