Get Back Your Garage with Small Amish Sheds


Amish built sheds

Having a two car garage is great. You could park both of your cars in there so you don’t have to worry about the neighborhood hoodlums scratching it (again) or cleaning off ice and snow in the winter. You could take advantage of that garage, except it’s filled to maximum capacity with lawn care equipment, the unicycle your 16 year old son just had to have, your wife’s hoard of crafting supplies, an obscene amount of holiday decorations, and what seems to be an impossible number of bicycles. You could also have a shed, but your wife nags about how unsightly it will be and throw off the whole feng shui of the yard (which you’re certain is not actually a thing at all).

To appease your wife and get your garage back, you might want to look into Amish built sheds. Small sheds are a good size for storing essentials and will give you a reason to donate or trash many of the things crowding your garage (that creepy blow up Santa needs to go). Amish sheds are also built by hand and completely out of wood, so your wife should not be able to complain about aesthetics. Just tell her it looks quaint.

Once you clear out all of the things that you don’t need to keep, small sheds are perfect for storing all of your lawn care stuff, the holiday decor hoard (which should be pared down significantly, with any luck), and the bicycles that you decided to keep.

If your wife still can’t get over a wooden box sitting in her yard, just tell her that Amish shed builders handcraft everything they make (just like she “does”). That will give her something to brag about to her book club cronies. Get more here.

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