Furniture Trends for 2018 Revealed


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If you’re thinking of spicing up your home with new furniture and decor this year, there are many different styles you can choose from. Top designers have already called out what they believe will be the top furniture trends of 2018. If you want to go out and buy new home furniture, you might want to think about this design advice from top designers before you head out!

1. Wallpaper in the living room

You might think of wallpaper as something that belongs in a retro home from the 70s, but it looks like wallpaper is here to stay. Geometric patterns for wallpaper and coming back, and so are floral/natural patterns. Wallpapers adds a nice background to a space filled with minimal living room furniture. The more minimal the furniture and accents, the bolder you can feel free to go with the wallpaper.

For softer wallpaper, try designs with paint splats and soft colors. These will pair beautifully with any kind of living room furniture.

2. Plump and curved couches

Gone are the days of the square-looking sofa, with angles tending to disappear in 2018. We’re looking at soft, comfortable, plushy, and rounded styles for couches. You can find quality rounded furniture at many discount furniture stores. Just because you’re going to be designing your home based off of designer advice, doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money in the process.

3. Collected finds

Instead of buying “cookie cutter: products and furniture pieces for your home, try picking up thrifted finds and items from your travels. This will give your home its own look and field, and the collection will be completely unique. 2017 was the year of minimal living room furniture, and this year, we’re collecting all kinds of interesting finds and making them work together in the same space.

The best part about finding items from around the world and even around your own city at garage sales and thrift stores is that no one else would have them! Each item has a unique story of how it found its way to you, whether it be bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living groom furniture, or small accents for your patio. Pick up wall tapestries, coffee tables, interesting books, and even dinnerware.

Do you have any more ideas about how to redesign your home this year? Share them in the comments below!

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