Form And Function The Growing Demand For Daybed Pillow Covers And Sectional Couch Covers


Interior decorating is an expression of yourself. When you find your apartment or home looking drab and cluttered?

It’s a sign you’re in need of some change. The holiday season isn’t over yet, giving you a good excuse to shop around and see how a sectional couch cover or pair of pillow covers can change the way you look at your living space. Psychology and decoration are closely intertwined, affecting everything we do…even the way we sleep! If you’re not convinced of the power color theory and placement can have on you, consider looking below. There are a lot of mysteries to unravel when you give your living room a makeover.

Sofas, couches, and stools are some of the most commonly used types of furniture in the home. Here are some applicable ideas to get you started on the journey of self-discovery.

The Home Furnishing Industry Today

When it comes to decorating you have the cream of the crop. The furniture and home furnishing industry, for starters, generated an impressive $105 billion back in 2015. The online furniture industry news source, Furniture Today, has also released a forecast that furniture sales will continue to grow at impressive rates over the next five years. Many people today are tired of the state of their homes. They want to feel comfortable and pleased after returning from a long work day.

Protecting And Embellishing Your Sofa

The sofa, and sectional couch cover, is a great place to start switching up your style. A recent study asking sofa-buyers their thoughts found the vast majority at 90% stating quality and durability are the most important factors in making a purchase. This means a sofa that doesn’t just feel nice, but lasts a long time. Another 40% of sofa buyers stated they expect to keep their newly purchased sofa for five to nine years. This is best done when you invest in a sectional couch cover that protects the seating and reduces the need for cleaning.

Adding New Pillows To Your Set-Up

What goes great with a fitted mattress cover? Some protection for your pillows. Not only do you have a lot of variety in style, you also can choose some extremely high-quality materials. Cotton is widely considered to be the most lightweight and natural fabric, able to withstand high temperatures while still being breathable. Tightly woven fabric keeps its shape while still repelling dirt and stains, so double-check the thread count as you’re browsing. A daybed pillow cover will keep you from having to constantly wash your accessories, saving time and money.

Stylish Throws And Daybed Covers

Here’s a simple way you can spice up your bedroom or living room. Throws can be tossed over your sofa or draped along your wall, imbuing some color and breathing new life into the home. The best purchase is one that balances out color, pattern, and material. Synthetic suede is a great choice, resisting stains and water damage. If you’re thinking of adding a few additions to your porch, consider an outdoor twin mattress cover. The last thing you want is to find mold growing in your newest furnishings.

The Positive Impact Of A Beautiful Environment

A clean, stylish environment has a positive impact on our health. Recent studies have found a direct correlation between a well-maintained home and better sleep patterns. Cleanliness is another factor, with indoor air pollution able to affect our concentration and leave us feeling groggy. Consider investing in a sectional couch cover or fitted mattress cover next time you’re bit by the shopping bug. Not only do they keep your investment protected, they add a splash of style and help you look at your home in a brand new way.

Express yourself this winter. Embrace interior decorating with functional and beautiful pet cover solutions and couch slipcovers.

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