Five Organic Items for Your New Baby


Organic cotton baby bedding

You are expecting a baby soon and you are working on completing your to do list. There are many things to do before the baby comes including designing the nursery, stocking up on diapers, and thinking about every small detail that will make living with a baby easier. These are just a few of the items that will improve your babies comfort.

Organic bedding sets
Bedding is just one of the many items you will need for your baby. Most parents have multiple sets of bedding, so they can easily change them out without having to first wash them. Organic bedding sets are great because they are allergy free and are sure to promote relaxation in your baby. Newborns sleep a total of 10.5 to 18 hours a day. They will get a better quality of sleep with organic bedding sets. You can purchase organic bedding sets including the pillowcase, blanket, and sheets.

Organic pajamas
In addition to organic bedding sets, organic pajamas also promote a better night of sleep. An international study by Unilever revealed that one third of consumers are now buying brands based on their social and environmental impact. Not only do organic pajama pants give your baby a better night of sleep, but they are also better for the environment. Organic pajamas also won?t aggravate your baby?s sensitive skin. Babies tend to be prone to skin rashes and organic pajamas can help to prevent this.

Organic bathrobes
Bathrobes are often an adult bathroom accessory. However, they can also be very useful for young babies. New parents will find that they are doing a lot of laundry. It might even seem, at times, that you don?t have enough clothing throughout the day. Bathrobes, especially ones that are made out of organic materials, are a wonderful after bath option. You then have additional time to wash clothing.

Organic stuffed animals
You probably won?t give much thought to the stuffed animals you give to your baby. But, this can be a mistake. Stuffed animals that are made with harmful toxins can actually harm your baby. It can aggravate their skin and their breathing. Fortunately, there are organic stuffed animals to purchase too. In a recent survey of over 2,000 Americans, 37.5% said that, as a child, they slept with a stuffed animal. Choosing a stuffed animal that is made with safe materials might be even more important than the bedding that you choose. Your child will hold the stuffed animal to their face and it will constantly be near them throughout the day and night.

Baby bathing supplies
You might have already purchased your babies? bathing supplies. But, do you know what these supplies are made out of? Are they organic? Harsh chemicals are often put into shampoos and bubble bath materials. These products can harm your baby?s skin and breathing as well. It is always best to choose an organic material that is gentler for your baby. As there is more awareness around organic products, you will notice that the number of available products increases.

New babies require a lot of items. Many new parents will host a baby shower to get some of these items. Other items, however, should be carefully chosen by the parents. These items include the bedding, pajamas, bathrobe, and stuffed animals. Organic baby cleaning supplies should also be considered.

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