Five Floral Arrangements that Transform Your Wedding an Elegant Winter Wonderland


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Your wedding day is one of the most significant and special days of your life. Months of planning are dedicated to making your big day perfect — tirelessly searching for your dream wedding gown, the most elegant bridal jewelry, the best florist shop, unique save-the-date cards, the ultimate dinner menu, a decadent wedding cake…. Your to-do list can be overwhelming, and expensive, at times. It’s not easy making all these choices, so here are a few tips meant to guide you in the right direction when choosing flowers for a winter wedding. When you find a wedding florist you adore, consider purchasing wedding flowers wholesale to save money.

Five Winter Floral Arrangements that Will Wow Your Guests

    1. Red roses in a bouquet of white

    When you think winter wedding, lots of white and silver comes to mind — snowy backgrounds, frosty glass, and subtle sparkles. Red flowers are a worldwide symbol of romantic love, and a few red roses and tulips will add a pop of color against a backdrop of holly and white flowers.

    2. Winter berries

    These small spheres of red add a classic touch to a rustic or earthy wedding theme. Berries won’t wilt and are sure to last for days, so they can double as take-home wedding table flowers for your guests. Pair with a metallic vase and ornaments to complete the look.

    3. Frosty green garlands

    Eucalyptus is the perfect choice for this chilly season, and your wedding florist can spray these evergreens with a frosty coat of shimmer to add an artistic touch. Add a few pinecones to the bouquet, and this natural collection of greens instantly becomes a winter wedding classic.

    4. Richly-colored carnations

    If you want to add a burst of color to your wedding, carnations boast deep colors. These ubiquitous flowers are also easier on your budget than other options, and lend themselves to densely-packed displays or creatively placed bunches of color. Carnations are a long-time choice for weddings — red varieties symbolize deep love and white represents purity.

    5. Exotic orchids

    Orchids are an understated flower that will add elegance and flair to any wedding. This variety of flowers has a long history of being a worldwide favorite, and it’s the national flower of Venezuela, Colombia, Singapore, and Costa Rica. Choose a monochrome color palette or incorporate some color into the display — you’ll make a lasting impression on your guests when you walk down the aisle carrying a silky bouquet of orchids.

Whatever you decide, remember you can save money by getting your wedding flowers wholesale. If you are planning a wedding and you have any tips on finding affordable wedding flowers, let us know in the comments below. Did you purchase wedding flowers wholesale? Do you have any insight on choosing the perfect floral arrangements? If so, please share your experience! More.

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