Everything You Need to Know About Companion Care


Senior care guide

Companion care is an ideal elder care service for seniors who want to maintain the independence of living at home but feel cut off from a community or have difficulty completing daily tasks. Caring companions can even help seniors with more complex care needs like dementia and memory loss.

Companion care encourages seniors to engage in conversations and play games that stimulate mental activity. This provides seniors with a sense of community and can even delay the onset of mental conditions that often affect the elderly.

Companion care workers are also there to help seniors get through their daily routine. They can prepare and cook healthy meals and remind seniors to take medication regularly. Many care companions perform light housekeeping duties and assist with transportation.

Transportation often consists of helping a patient out of bed in the morning and in and out of a vehicle. Caring companions may also drive seniors to doctors appointments and errands like grocery shopping if they’re no longer able to drive themselves.

Companions can also help seniors plan, schedule and keep appointments by organizing calendars or planners, offering reminders, and providing transportation. If a senior is becoming withdrawn or wants social interaction, a companion may plan social activities like sightseeing trips, shopping, movies and family visits to keep the senior engaged and happy.

Though caring companions may not be able to provide advanced medical care, they’re often tasked with keeping seniors fit and active. This can range from swimming trips to the community pool to simple walks around the block. Some more advanced care workers may be able to provide specialized mental exercises for seniors who have begun to show signs of conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Care companions may also serve as intermediaries to the extended family, keeping them up to date on the condition of their loved one. Contact a companion care agency in your area if you believe you or your loved one could benefit from a dedicated companion.
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