Eight Tips to Turn Your Small Apartment Into Your Dream Living Space


Rules for apartment living

Renting an apartment is a great alternative to owning a home. It’s especially a good option if you’re single and don’t need a lot of space or if you’re trying to save money. Before renting an apartment it’s a good idea to research the benefits of apartment living, so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your situation. Of all the benefits of apartment living, the top one is cost — rent is much cheaper than a mortgage and will work better with your budget. If you’ve recently moved into an apartment or you’re looking at places to rent, here are a few tips for small apartment living. Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, so consider some of these ideas for apartment living.

    1. Utilize shelves to show off your style
    Small apartments often have limited wall space, and you can make the most of the space you do have by incorporating shelves into your decor. Display a gallery of photos on shelves, or use them as storage for books or personal items.

    2. Get some funky curtains
    Many apartments don’t allow tenants to paint over white walls, and getting some brightly colored curtains can spice up any room and make it more inviting.

    3. Create separate areas in big rooms
    Some small apartments may only have a few rooms, so if you have one large room that has to serve as the living room, dining room, and bedroom, position chairs and couches so there are clear divisions between the spaces.

    4. Get lots of storage containers
    If there is limited storage in your apartment, utilize various storage options like underbed storage bins and furniture that has extra hidden storage space.

    5. Choose multipurpose furniture
    There are so many choices for furniture that serves many purposes — bookcases that have extra space for food storage, a kitchen table that doubles as a desk, a couch that can fold into a bed…the possibilities are endless.

    6. Use colorful rugs
    Some apartments can have ugly floors that you don’t want to look at, and this problem can be solved by using cozy rugs that add a pop of color. This also makes your apartment more inviting and gives it a cool personal touch.

    7. Embrace the apartment’s natural style
    If it’s been a while since your apartment was renovated, take advantage of it. Instead of viewing the old cracked walls as an annoyance, play up the style and give your space a vintage feel.

    8. Keep it simple
    With small spaces, it’s easy to overdo it with decorating. Adding too many elements can be confusing and overwhelm the space, so be sure to find a balance between cluttered mess and a simple, clean decor.

If you live in an apartment, do you have any ideas for decorating small apartments? What are the benefits of apartment living? Do you have any advice on sustainable apartment living? Have you had a good experience living in an apartment, and do you have any thoughts on how to deal with rules for apartment living? If so, let us know in the comments below! Read this for more.

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