Don’t Plan Your Baby Shower Or Wedding Without These Tips!


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Welcoming a new life into your family is one of the most treasured celebrations of all time. How do you make sure to properly honor this momentous occasion? The best baby shower is one that takes every factor into account, from the personal tastes of the family to the convenience of relatives and friends coming over to visit. Combining a wedding with a baby shower is increasingly common, as well, due to convenience and familial similarity — many banquet halls find themselves accommodating both celebrations! If you’re thinking about the best locations to have a baby shower or where you should even start organizing an event package, continue reading below to have your basics covered.

Wedding Receptions

Let’s start off with wedding halls and how this beloved ceremony is approached across the country. Many surveys have been conducted to better figure out which wedding processes are more popular than others, with some less than surprising results! Outdoor weddings are still heavily favored at 35% and an average of two million weddings are performed every single year. Although marriage has been on a significant decline over the past few decades, decoration and planning businesses still have their work cut out for them addressing all the needs of couples-to-be. While most grooms and brides travel within the United States, Jamaica and the Bahamas remain popular wedding destinations. Now how about planning?

Wedding Planning

Studies have shown 30% of brides planning their weddings at least seven to 12 months in advance, with another significant chunk planning six months or less. Half of all weddings take place in the afternoon, a quarter in the evening and a small portion in the early morning. Which time of day depends primarily on your planning as well as the needs of your relatives and friends celebrating with you. The average amount of guests per wedding is 136, though that is by no means a hard and fast number! When it comes to food and accommodation like furniture and cards, it always helps to have a little extra handy just in case of unexpected visits.

Baby Showers

If you’re still curious on the best locations to have a baby shower, rest easy knowing they run along similar lines to a wedding! Nearly half of all couples will research their ideal reception venues online, rifling through reviews and recommendations in the hopes of finding somewhere affordable yet lavish. The best locations to have a baby shower are similar to one of a wedding, with an emphasis on more intimate and casual settings. Cheerful and colorful decoration should be key to encourage a sunny atmosphere for the new life being brought into the family and food should run more on the lines of minimalist and sweet. When it truly comes down to it, no two baby showers are alike and a single banquet hall can look entirely different depending on who uses it!

Crafting Your Event

From the best locations to have a baby shower to affordable reception venues, cultivating your wedding or baby shower or both takes careful planning and consideration. If you’re getting engaged it’s recommended you book a venue as soon as possible to avoid limitations on your special day, even if it’s a full year in advance. Timing really is everything, with June being the most popular month for new couples and likely the most crowded. Many parents and couples to-be have been favoring unusual venues that reflect their personality, as well, and you should embrace your individuality as you search for cheap baby shower locations or banquet halls. Where will you start planning your wedding or baby shower today?

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