Do You Dream of a Low Country Living Style?


Bluffton south carolina homes for sale

Is your family ready to build or buy a house in a community that encourages its residents to connect with and enjoy nature? Are you interested in looking at new homes that are part of a community that works together like the family neighborhoods of the past? If you are ready to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of a city that barely knows who lives next door, you might be ready to look at new homes located on a lake property in South Carolina.
Bluffton, SC is a quiet retreat with the lowcountry living style of a town with a population under 15,000. It’s the kind of community where neighbors become friends and friends become companions who share common interests. Fishing, hunting, golfing and a variety of other outdoor activities invite adults and children alike to enjoy their surroundings.
A historic community that prides itself on small town and family values, Bluffton also boasts ten unique art galleries on Calhoun Street and in the surrounding area. Whether you are an outdoorsman who loves to test your physical skills or an art lover who enjoys finding inspiration from local artists, small town living in South Carolina is a great option for you and your family.
With a safe neighborhood and vibrant community, Bluffton is also a place of scenic waters and a warm climate. A favorable state tax environment and an average home price of $197,000 also make the area attractive for growing families who are trying to live on the income of one parent, while the other parent mostly stays at home. The low crime and highly walkable streets are additional bonuses.
For many people living in the city, the days of getting to know your neighbors well is a thing of the past. If, however, you long for an environment where you can still run to the neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of sugar or invite the block over for an impromptu piano recital, finding a small community is essential to your happiness. New homes for sale in Bluffton are surrounded by vast wooded areas, as well as open green space that invites both exercise and relaxation.
What are you waiting for? Instead of complaining every day about over crowded interstates and impossible to find parking, why not make the move to a little piece of heaven that will allow your family to enjoy the neighborhood environment that you have always dreamed of?

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