Cthulhu Calling, By Way of a Replica Diving Helmet


Anchor decor

Salty air, waves crashing onto the shore, the sun catching the shine of a seashell half buried in the sand. Pretending to look for fish when you’re really hoping to spot a mermaid. Who doesn’t love the beach? It is such a purely peaceful escape from the bustle of the city or a hectic lifestyle and job. Whether it’s soaking in the sunshine that draws you to sandy shores, or water sports like water skiing or kite surfing, the water is a force that pulls so many to admire it and experience it. As of 2010, 39% of the population of the United States — that is over 123 million people! — lived in coastal shoreline counties. Every year millions more take vacations to the ocean. So why not be surrounded by the things that we love about the beach, even when we’re not there?

Bringing the ocean home
It is believed that 36% of Americans spend approximately five to eight hours in their home a day, apart from those that they are sleeping. Another 26% claim to spend nine to twelve waking hours each day at home. And yet a mere one of five people in the U.S. say that they are happy with their home decor. Doesn’t it stand to reason that the place in which you spend most of your time, your personal sanctuary from the rest of the world, should be a place you want to be? A place that can make you smile and content, just by looking around at it? Add to that the fact that the majority of shoppers, 65% of women and 58% of men, say that they would prefer to shop for things for the home over shoe shopping. Let’s combine all these factors. Your love for the ocean, your desire to love your home, and shopping. The simple solution: buying nautical decor to create the space in your home that you actually want to be in!

Making your nautical home decor uniquely yours

Sure, you’ll probably find some great nautical home decorations that are pretty typical. Typical can be ok. A porthole clock, anchor decor, maybe some pirate decor for the kids’ rooms. But this is your happy sanctuary! Get creative! Spring for that replica diving helmet. How can you go wrong with a replica diving helmet sitting on the mantel for all to see? You can’t. Pair it with an image of Cthulhu or a Capricorn or Kraken and you’re set. You can almost feel the sea breeze now.

Your love for all things ocean can make your home a place you, and others, will want to be. And perhaps you can convince your friends that when you hold that replica diving helmet up to your ear, you can hear ocean waves and whale calls.

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