Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Bookshelf


Are you stumped for ways to decorate your bookshelf? You are not alone. In fact only around 20% of Americans report feeling happy with the decor in their home, which means a large portion out there are not truly satisfied with how things are set up.

Think Outside the Book

From vases to plants to decorative bowls and more, there is an endless list of options when it comes to what you can put on your bookshelf. Do you have a moroccan bed and moroccan bedroom furniture? Then, your bookshelf could easily go along with that theme.

Do you have a checkers coffee table? Add a small lamp with a checkered lampshade, giant decorative game pieces, or artwork that goes along that theme. Have some luxury furnishings? Finding classy-looking pieces that go with them would really make your space look grand and ornate.

The main idea is to think outside of using just books on your bookshelf. There are lots of different ways you can go, so get creative and base things around items that you already have in the room. In no time, your shelf with be filled with tons of unique pieces.

What Room is Your Bookshelf In?

What room the shelf is in obviously makes a big difference when it comes to decor. Is it in your bedroom? What color schemes do you have going on? If you need items that match a moroccan bed, then some colorful candles and interesting statues might be the perfect addition. You could also go for items that are a bit more personal, as not many people will see it.

Then again, if your bookshelf is in the living room, you will have to consider what you have in there, and you could always add a beautiful accent table or a rustic ottoman to pair with it. Pick a theme and stick with it. This is your space to create something unique to you and that shows off your personal style.

Add Some Color

If all else fails, add some colorful eye-catching pieces that will draw people’s eye. Take a look around your home to see what colors you tend to favor and work from there. Have a blue table? Perfect. Find a few pieces that match that color or compliment it well, and you will be amazed at how quickly it all comes together.

Display What you Love

Most importantly, invest in pieces you love or you will never be happy with the final outcome. If you love the items you are displaying, then it will always look good to you and everything will come together off of those things. Have things you just do not fancy? Toss them, donate them, or sell them. There is no point wasting energy on purchases you will never like.

Stick to what you like, find a theme that works for you, and add a splash of color when it is appropriate. Your bookshelf will be looking great before you know it.

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