Creative Craft Storage Solutions Anyone Can Use


Americans love to make and buy crafts. People around the United States also have very cluttered homes. According to the National Soap and Detergent Association, at least 80% of our clutter is not around because we do not have enough space but because we are not organized enough The good news, for crafters and everyone else, is there are ways to stay on top of your stuff in your home. These creative craft storage solutions can help.

  • Hang a pegboard wall. This could be one of the best ways to organize your crafting materials. It can also help organize your utility room or your laundry room. This is one of the more versatile craft storage solutions. First, you hang the pegboard and whatever attachments you need. You can also arrange your items to make the pegboard look like a work of art itself. This way you can show off your favorite tools in a colorful and fun way.
  • Make the most of the space you can use. We use hangers in our closets to keep clothes organized and to make the most of that space. One of the easiest craft storage solutions is to use these ubiquitous tools for craft supplies. You can hang fabric, ribbons, and anything else that may fit nicely into a wardrobe or closet. This is a great way to get more stuff into a small space. If you have materials that you think you are not going to use soon, you can also get vacuum bags. You put everything you want to store for a bit in the bag and then vacuum out all of the air. This can save you a ton of space.
  • Put a label on everything. In “Portlandia,” they like to put birds on everything, When it comes to any kind of storage, labels are your best friend. It is so easy to have everything in its space and you know where everything is, at first. Then life happens and without labels, it is hard to remember what tools and materials are in which box. If you are really into this kind of thing, you can also add some inventory lists and the like. A checklist to use, similar to a checklist in a room that needs to be cleaned every day, can be very helpful in keeping track of what you have and what you use a lot.
  • Look at spaces you are not using. What is happening under your bed? That might be a good spot to place organization products. Depending on the height of your bed, you may be able to get some organization furniture under there. If you have shelves that are too hard to reach most of the time, those spots may be ideal for your crafting supplies and tools. Look around your home, you are bound to find good areas to store these important items. Sometimes all that it takes to get more space in an apartment or small house is to look up. There are also great, small shelves you can put behind doors.
  • Drill down on your organizational skills. If you have a space in your home that is there solely for your crafting hobby and craft supplies and tools, you can make the most of the space by going into overdrive when it comes to your organization. You should get only the tools and materials you need for the kind of crafting you plan to do. Some people use a lot of ribbon, glue, fabric, and markers. Other crafters are more interested in knitting projects that use a lot of wool and yarn. The more you have in the areas where you plan to engage in your hobby of choice, the more you can make the most of this space and have a less cluttered home.

There are a lot of reasons people get into crafting. Research done on happiness has shown that working on craft projects activates all of the parts of the brain that are associated with happiness. If becoming a happier person was not enough, it can be a fun way to pass the time with friends. Finding good craft storage solutions makes the process all the more fun.

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