Creating the Perfect Nautical House Theme


Nautical telescope

Spring is on its way. Before we know it, the snow will be replaced with growing flowers and longer days. Eventually, the weather will warm and we will be sitting outdoors, barbequing and enjoying the outdoors. Whether or not you live on a body of water, an ocean, lake, river, any sort of water, you can enjoy the outdoor spring and summer weather. If you are the type of person who waits all year for spring to return, you are also likely the person who decorates their homes with nautical items. It does not matter where your residence is located, it simply matters that you have the spring and relaxation mind frame.

Bright colors

Spring and summer are often associated with bright sunlight and tropical colors. If you want to add a tone of summer weather to your residence, consider adding in bright and tropical colors to your color scheme. You do not have to put bright green or yellow on the walls to obtain this look. Instead, you can choose home decoration items that make you think of the brightness of warmer weather. Add in some colorful throw pillows, picture frames, and vases. Change out your dining room silverware sets and pots and pans for a tropical color.

Images of outdoor scenery

Nothing makes you think more about warmer weather than a dreary and cold window. However, you can easily think back to when times were warmer and you were able to enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather. Fill your house with photographs of beaches, oceans, and lakefronts. Every time the cold weather gets you down, spend a few moments reminiscing of when these photographs were taken. Just over one third (36%) of people spend between five and eight waking hours in their houses each day, with 26% reporting that they spend between nine and 12 hours a day at home. Make the most of this at home time.

Incorporate beach wear into your home decorations

There are a few items that likely remind you of warmer weather and beachfronts. A few of these items might include water toys, boating anchors, sails, sand pails and shovels, nautical wheels, boat life preservers, and nautical clocks. These items, even when used during colder weather, can give your home a warmer feeling. They also can accentuate a property that is located directly on the water, even if it is too cold to use that water source.

One of the best parts of filling your home with nautical clocks and decorations is shopping for these nautical home decor items. Most women (65%) and men (58%) would rather shop for items for their homes, such as nautical home decorations, than they would shop for shoes. There is just something exciting about locating unique nautical household decoration items.

Create a theme

While outdoor is the overall theme, there are also many additional themes you can use to further individualize your homes decor. Just because you decide to go with a nautical clock for a nautical theme, does not mean that all nautical clocks are the same. For example, if you go with bright and colorful tropical themes, you can attempt to find a nautical clock that is bright in color. You can also choose something fun, like nautical pirate decor.

There are also different levels of nautical themes available. As for style, Americans say the overall look of their homes is traditional (44%), followed by modern (22%), eclectic (13%), country (10%), and global (2%). You can still achieve any of these overall looks, while also incorporating nautical house decoration items into the theme. For example, a modern nautical theme will differ significantly from a country nautical theme.

By the end of winter, most cold weather state residents are more than ready for spring. This is especially true if you have access to water or if you prefer spending your time outdoors. Outdoor entertainment is a great household theme to get through the long winter. Nautical themes that are filled with lakefront and beach items and waterfront photographs remind you that summer is soon coming. Incorporate all of your household theme and decoration preferences together for a unique household decor.

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