Considering a New Roof for Your Home?


Many more individuals are choosing metal roofing for their homes in our modern times, which is why the need for metal roofing contractors is growing. If you are somebody who is working on making your house into your dream home, you might consider the best residential roofing. However, perhaps many people have told you about various types of roofing materials that can be used to keep your home safe from rain and other adverse weather, and now you have questions about what is best for you. A roofing contractor can answer any questions you have about your new roof before you welcome it onto your home.

Why Metal Roofing is Becoming Many People’s First Choice

Any roofing contractor who has worked around various types of roofing materials through the years will likely tell you that choosing a metal roof is one of your best options. Not only are metal roofs some of the most cost-effective roofs, but they are also energy-efficient and lasting when it comes to all other choices for your home. In fact, a typical roof will last about three to seven times longer than your average roof devised from asphalt shingles.

You can get a metal roof in two different types of metals: aluminum and steel. With proper maintenance, many people will find that their particular metal roof could last up to 50 years or more. You can even get steel-coated roofing today that that is coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy, which means that it could last well over 100 years. This is why many people are considering their metal roofing options, as these are roofing materials that are built to last. Many people are buying homes these days as they think of long-term options. If you are somebody who plans on staying within your home for the rest of your life or for many years as you build your family, you want something that is built to last so that you don’t have to worry about replacement several times within your lifetime.

Other Aspects People Enjoy About Metal Roofing

Any roofing contractor will tell you that you have more options regarding your metal roofing than just the type of metal it is made out of. In fact, metal roofing comes in many styles and colors that you might have never imagined. Metal roofing tends to come in two different styles, for instance, including vertical panels and interlocking shingles.

All modern metal roofs come in a wide variety of colors so that you can match the roof to your desires and choose something that looks best on your house, because you should never be limited in your options when it comes to the roof that you will have to look at for quite some time. Modern metal roofing comes in over 100 different color options, some of which are neutral and others that are quite bright and fun. When it comes to asphalt shingles, you will typically only find them in 15-20 different colors. This is not the case with metal roofing options, which has greater options than any other type of roof out there.

On top of your ability to customize when it comes to your roof, metal roofing can also save you on your energy bill, which might be an exciting prospect if you are trying to save money like never before. Metal roofing, in fact, can save you as much as 25% off your annual home energy bill. On top of that, you might be excited to find that metal roofing companies believe in recycling to save the environment. New metal roofs contain approximately 30-60% of recycled metal, also being approximately 100% recyclable when they are no longer needed for your home.

Metal roofing can protect your home from major damage, such as 140 mph winds, but now you also might be surprised to find that there are many options for your metal roofing. All you need is the best roofing company to answer your questions and help you install your new roof of your dreams.

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