Commonly Forgotten Wedding Requirements of an Outdoor Wedding


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Are you currently in the process of planning your dream wedding? You have the perfect man, the most beautiful of engagement rings, and now you just need the perfect wedding location. Outdoor weddings are fairly common come spring and summer seasons. The outdoors provides a beautiful wedding backdrop that indoor ceremony locations just cannot compare to. How do you plan for the perfect outdoor wedding though? You are starting from scratch, having to provide your guests with absolutely everything. When planning, remember these often forgotten wedding necessities for an outdoor wedding.

Food storage
A lot of thought and planning goes into the catering for the wedding. You probably have done multiple taste testings and then sat down with the chef to create a specialized wedding menu, just for you and your guests. However, food catering is different in outdoor settings, because you often do not have access to a fridge or storage appliances. Some catering companies will provide you with the tools to keep your hot food hot and cold food cold. If they do not, you will have to find a way to properly store the food items.

Some outdoor wedding couples fail to plan for appropriate seating. Many indoor locations come already equipped with seating. Outdoor settings, however, generally have little, if any seating available. Wedding rentals are invaluable for couples who choose to hold backyard weddings and receptions. Rent seating that can be used for the ceremony and then transferred into the reception area. Choose seating type and color based on the theme and design of your wedding. You can usually choose from white folding rental chairs or black folding rental chairs. White folding rental chairs tend to be the most common, as the white color goes nicely with the backdrop of outdoor sceneries.

Restroom services
Indoor wedding locations usually have multiple restroom options for guests, whereas outdoor wedding planners may need to get more creative. You may choose an outdoor location that has access to a clubhouse with restrooms. If there are no common rooms nearby, you can consider renting a portable restroom. Portable restrooms come in all sizes and types, allowing you to choose something upscale and fancy for your celebration.

Dance floor
Most wedding nuptials are celebrated with dancing. The end of a wedding is traditionally a time when the couple and their friends and family can let loose and dance together. Creating a dance floor outdoors can be a little tricky. Many tent and white folding rental chairs companies also rent out dance floors, as well as other necessities. If you are hosting an event for which you will need a rental tent, it makes sense to rent your tables, chairs, and linens from the same company. Figure out how many guests you will have and how much space you will need for the installation of a dance floor.

Napkins, silverware, plates, and cups
Indoor wedding locations offer packages that include all needed utensils, including napkins, silverware, plates, and cups. When you are planning an outdoor wedding, you may be required to bring your own supplies. You will also want to choose items that complement your wedding colors and theme, that are also environmentally friendly. Choose tree main colors to create a theme, then carry those colors throughout with accessories like napkins, plates, place cards, paper pomp oms, pennants, or balloons. Request these items from your linen rental company where you rented the white folding rental chairs.

Outdoor weddings require a lot of specialized planning. However, they are extremely beautiful, and if planned properly, can be an unforgettable event. When planning an outdoor event, you have to think of all of the things that a guest might need, as many of these things are not already provided. Work with a party event rentals company to supply all of these needed items at an affordable price. Dream wedding rentals allow you to pull everything together and plan your dream wedding, in front of a breathtaking outdoor backdrop.

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