Common Myths About Assisted Living Facilities Debunked


Assisted living facilities in md

If a person reached the age of 65 in 1960, they were only estimated to live another 4 years longer. But with health care technology advances and improvement in quality of living, it is estimated that people who reach the age of 65 will live on average another 18.5 years. Now more than ever, it’s important to prioritize America’s senior citizens and their fate after retirement.

Recently, assisted living facilities and nursing homes have been under fire in the media. The mistakes of few poorly run facilities have dictated the narrative of the state of eldercare in America. This is unfortunate, considering the the importance of assisted living to the elderly population.
There are many misconceptions regarding eldercare facilities; many, if not all of them, are untrue. These are the most common myths about assisted living facilities the truths behind them:

    • Assisted living is only for the elderly.
      While majority of those in nursing homes are senior citizens, anyone who needs 24 hour assistance is eligible for assisted living residence.
    • When one enters into eldercare, they lose their independence.
      This is a common misconception. While senior care facilities offer 24 hour assistance to those who need it, most residents live perfectly independent lifestyles. It varies from person to person, and depends on one’s individual needs.
    • Senior living breeds a lonely existence.
      The older one gets, the harder it may be to relate to those around you. Senior housing communities enable like minded, similarly aged individuals to come together in social environments. In fact, it’s reported that 84.5% of assisted living residents would recommend their community to someone else.
    • Nursing homes are mindless and boring.
    • After a life of hard work, senior citizens deserve to cultivate their hobbies and maintain an active and intellectual lifestyle. Eldercare facilities enable these opportunities by offering a plethora of activities that keep both minds and bodies strong.

Knowing and proliferating the truth about senior care is vital to the state of eldercare in America. The elderly should be honored, respected, and prioritized; proper assisted living facilitates a happy and healthy future for America’s senior citizens.

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