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Your Home Probably Isn’t Clean!

Everyone knows that coming home to a clean home is more restful than a messy home, but sometimes we neglect to look past surface clutter to the dirt and grime that is so easy to ignore. For example, the EPA recommends that carpets be deep cleaned at least every six months, but how many of us deep clean carpets even once a year? We know we should, around 84% of Americans believe that having a clean carpet is necessity in a clean home, but still around 22% of Americans believe that their carpets are even dirtier than the toilet seat. After all, a toilet seat is much easier to clean.

What Can You Do for Fast Results?

There are a couple of easy things that you can do to make your home cleaner. These steps will give you at least a few of the benefits of hiring a maid or cleaning service. If you run the bathroom exhaust fan or even crack open a window while you shower and for a few minutes afterwards, you will notice considerably less mold build up. People on average change bed sheets about every two weeks. You can cut down on dust considerably if you wash sheets even once a week.

Don’t Forget the Kitchen!

Don’t neglect the kitchen in your cleaning, since the fridge is where we store our food it should receive a good amount of cleaning attention. The fridge should be scrubbed every two or three weeks. When you are cleaning your kitchen, remember to never skip washing the counters. It is astounding how many germs can build up if you only go over a counter with a wet rag. Kitchen sponges should also be replaced frequently, as they are a prime germ and mold habitat. To make things easier, save washing the floors for last. This way you won’t have to do it twice.

Have no Time?

We are all busy, but if you really don’t have any time to clean your house it might be beneficial to look into cleaning services. There can be many benefits of hiring a maid, not only the obvious one of having a cleaner house. If your family spends even a little time each day cleaning you can gain back 730 hours, or 30 days each year! You could easily take up a new hobby or even learn a new language in this amount of time. Maid services can also save your family from exposure to harmful chemicals. In a normal home, there are over 150 substances linked to cancer around the home just from cleaning products. If you hire a custom cleaning service that uses green and environmentally friendly cleaning products, no one needs to live with this risk. These are only a few benefits of hiring a maid, but you can always decide for yourself. Many companies offer a trial run, so if in the unlikely event you decide you would rather clean your own home you are always free to do so.

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