Can This Trick Keep You From Losing Your Remote?


Toshiba ct-90275 remote

If you’re like most Americans, you have likely misplaced your television remote controls at least once in your life. Because of this, you probably know that there is nothing as frustrating as rooting through your couch cushions, your plans to relax on hold. That is, until you realize that you will have to order some replacement remotes because your old device is nowhere to be found. Remote programming isn’t too difficult once you get the hang of it, but it can be a chore, and no one looks forward to it. Fortunately, Real Simple magazine has a tip that is either a little crazy or an easy alternative to repeatedly losing, reordering and programming a remote.

According to the team at Real Simple, a magazine dedicated to everything from organizing to party planning, all you need to ensure that you never lose your remote again is a piece of Velcro. Take one side of this adhesive material to your remote control. Then, attach the corresponding piece to something near the television. This could be the TV itself, a nearby table, or some other piece of furniture. With these swatches of Velcro in place, you simply have to make sure that you put your remote down in the designated place and you will never have to order replacement remote controls again.

But while this idea can probably work for some people, it will have one notable drawback for most: you have to make sure you put the remote back in the same place, something many television viewers likely have difficulty remembering already. And even if you benefit from this type of structure and routine, there’s no promise that you won’t lose your remote anyway if you fall asleep on the couch or a family member wanders off with it. In the end, perhaps it is best to plan for the inevitable, keep your remote manuals on hand, know your TV remote codes, and get ready to spend a few minutes on remote programming ever so often.

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