Camping’s Not Just For Kids! Make It Your Next Family Vacation!


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A family vacation can be a much needed break from the wear and tear of the world and a great chance to spend time with your family. In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to eke out time to spend with your family, especially with all the conflicting schedules and other commitments that manage to creep in. One time honored American family vacation includes camping, although many prefer cabin camping to roughing it in a tent! Luckily, cabin camping parks exist, as do many campground with cabins, so families can enjoy the great outdoors, but with a little more comfort! Camping is also a great way to disconnect from our linked in world, if you so choose — although many campgrounds offer Wi-Fi and television, some don’t, and others only offer in choice spots, so you have to really to want or need to use the Internet in those cases!
How Popular Is Camping Anyway?
In 2014, the annual American Camper Report was released that showed that almost 15% of the US population (over the age of 6) went camping in 2013. That’s over 40 million Americans! The same report also showed that 99% of those who went camping said they were “likely” or “very likely” to camp next year. Even back in 2010, around 515 million camping outings occurred. Those who camp said they’re planning on taking at least 5 trips and around two-thirds said they’d want to to take three or more trips. Additionally, those who tend to go camping tend to stay for a longer time — regardless of whether they’re staying in a tent, RV, cabin, bivy, or a yurt — around two weeks on average.
Additionally, around 70% of camping is done in public campgrounds and many families can be easily convinced to make it an annual trip after experiencing family vacation campgrounds! Camping is one of the top choices for family vacations, with over 525 million days spent camping together in 2011. It’s a fun and active way to bring your family together — over 85% of campers did multiple outdoor activities, like hiking or backpacking. If you start your kids young, there’s a high chance they’ll return. Around 85% of campers went camping for the first time between the time they were born and age 15 — after 15, the chances that they’d be introduced to it were much narrower. And almost 60% of campers did regular outdoor activities when they were kids, with only 25% of non-campers getting exposed to the outdoors.
Why Cabin Camp for a Family Vacation Instead of Tent Camping?
For the fussier members of the family, cabin camping can alleviate some of that fussing. A little over 80% of cabin campers spend one to two nights actually outside — preferable for those who don’t like getting bug bites or are worried about wild animals. You also don’t have to worry about the weather — nothing kills the joy of a family vacation as much as a soggy tent — and you also eliminate the hassle of setting up tents and breaking them down if you move campsites. More luxe cabins have air conditioning, electricity, and basic kitchen appliances, so you have a more comfortable camping experience. Fire pits and picnic tables are often included as well!
What Should I Look For In Cabin Camping Sites?
You certainly want to look at reviews — was it a pleasant experience for others who stayed there? In case of emergency, were the campsite owners quick to come and deal with the issue? Are there activities close to the cabins that you and your family want to partake in or do you have to travel out of your way to get there? What’s the view like? Are their extra amenities included with the cabin? Are you part of a public campground or is it more private? Ultimately, your cabin camping experience is based on what you want or need, so be sure to look at several different options before deciding.
Take a family vacation you’re sure to remember for years to come and choose cabin camping for this year’s adventure.

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