Building Your Custom Home With Green Design Elements


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Everyone has a dream home in mind, with a vision of how it will look, from the layout of the garden to the details of the stairs and the bedroom windows. When it comes to building a home, there will be many more practical questions and decisions. One of the first decisions is to choose whether to build a custom home or use or modify an existing design. In general, it’s best to hire an architect who has experience designing luxury homes, and to work with them to achieve your vision. One of the biggest advantages of choosing to build a custom home can be the chance to incorporate elements of green design that reflect your values.

Building a custom home
Building a custom home can be a dream for many people. It’s a more complicated route to achieving your dream home, which is why many people prefer to just buy a home that has already been built and modify it to meet their tastes and preferences. A custom built home will take more work, and much planning. New home design is best done by a professional architect with experience of designing luxury homes.
You can work with the architect to make sure all your necessary elements find a place in the design. Another choice when building luxury homes is to use an existing luxury design and modify it to meet your requirements. However, one of the biggest advantages of custom home design is that you can use green building principles and elements for an ecofriendly home that will reflect your values.

Choosing green design
Green design consists of many different elements, from energy efficiency to indoor air quality. Green design essentially involves improving the usage of building materials, water and energy. It uses improved modern design to reduce the building’s footprint or impact on the environment. The choice of building materials, design, construction, maintenance and waste removal all affect the environmental impact.
Energy efficiency
Everything from the design of the frame, which lowers the cost and amount of materials used, to the location of the hot water heater can improve the energy efficiency of the structure. Choosing energy-efficient appliances and lighting will also reduce the carbon footprint of the home.
Green building materials
Bricks are actually a very environmentally friendly building material, as is a new material called fiber cement siding. This is a very durable siding material that comes with a 50-year warranty. Plastic lumber is a better choice than wood for uses like fences, decks, and retaining walls. It is easier to maintain than wood and does not leach toxic chemicals into the ground, unlike chemically treated wood.
Water usage
Water usage efficiency can be maximized through the use of rainwater collection for landscape use. Using recycled water for flushing serves the same purpose. Landscaping with drought-resistant plants reduces water usage. Reducing or eliminating the use of outdoor chemicals reduces the amount of water pollution originating from the House.
Indoor air quality
Low pile or allergen free carpeting improves indoor air quality. Many designers prefer hard wood floors for the same reason. Low- or non-VOC paints and microbial growth resistant materials reduce chemical and organic indoor pollutants. Homes that are sealed to conserve energy need adequate ventilation.

Choosing to build a custom home can be a big undertaking. It’s best to work with an architect who has experience of designing luxury homes to achieve your dream home. It gives you the advantage of complete control over every feature of the house, as well as the chance to incorporate green design elements.

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