Bringing the Sea into Your Home- Just Don’t Get Wet!


Nautical decor

Home decor can be a fun way to make a personal, creative and artistic statement on who you are. Some people opt for a more rustic look to their homes, a natural, woodsy feel. Others go for a more fresh and contemporary feel, smooth clean lines and sleek surfaces. Both are fine choices but then there’s the classic ocean-feel, the go-to choice for beach and lakeside homes everywhere. There’s a sort of spirit to this choice you can’t capture anywhere else, a kind of tradition going back centuries. The ocean is timeless, after all, and the artifice of the ocean, whales, ships, clouds, sky, that’s timeless as well. It’s just dang cheery in a way that other types of decor can’t match. Hard to have a sad or depressing home with a sailor waving at you from a flag on a wall. Silly isn’t as bad it sounds, sometimes. What follows is a short list of fun, nautical themed knick-knacks and objects you can keep around your home. Easy to find and hang, take your home to sea with this group of ocean-themed pieces that bring a much-needed levity to any home or apartment. You’ll be glad you did.

    Nautical Wheel
    The nautical wheel is one of the more versatile pieces you can have. It can go on a table or even made a coffee-table when cleverly constructed. Long as it’s thick enough. Don’t spill your drinks on it! The ocean might be salty but it isn’t sugary. You’ll have a hard time cleaning up soda off it so best to keep everything steady. Of course, it can also hang on the wall or, with enough safety and precaution, the ceiling. Even if you’re not sure where your life is going, the wheel can make it look you’ve got a direction and that’s comfort enough. Some real innovators have even put a nautical wheel and short deck over their pool to simulate a ship. Not a bad place for a BBQ, if you think about it. Just be careful not to fall over the side! You can do the exact same thing with a life preserver, more or less. And, hey, if you actually need it, it’ll be there. It’s really a win-win.
    Pirate Decor
    Nothing walks the fine line between completely awesome and awesomely tacky like pirate decor. Start off with the basics- you’ll want a pirate flag to indicate your dedication to a life of sailing and pillaging. If you want to go…overboard (groan) with your pirate and nautical decor, you can get a wooden pirate statue or a small fake treasure chest to hold glasses or cups in. Nothing says birthday party like busting out the shot-glasses and calling it your ‘precious booty’. Except maybe actually wearing a peg-leg and an eyepatch while doing that. Continuing with the pool motif, you can also a (hopefully safe) crows nest over the pool for people to jump off of. You’ll want to be a little more careful with this one but its certainly doable. Just be sure to make sure its sturdy before the big jump. You’re supposed to be pirate, not a stuntman. Be safe and be cool and everything will be in…ship shape.
    Singing Fish
    And now we come to the most nautically themed of all nautical items. The singing fish. Some people will tell you that the electronic singing fish is a blight upon the earth and that it’s never actually entertaining or funny. Those people, sorry to say, are the most wrong people who have ever lived. There have probably been people who are more wrong somehow but not by much. You hang that singing fish up proudly and have it sing whatever it wants. They even make different kinds of singing fish now. Look, the world is a scary place nowadays. You’ve got to take levity wherever you can get it. If you want a singing bass on your wall next to your nautical wheel you hang it up and enjoy it. You deserve every second of joy it brings.

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