Benefits of Off Site Storage for your RV


Self storage unit

Storage facilities serve a number of purposes making them extremely useful for many. The U.S. alone has almost 50,000 storage facilities making these more popular than Starbucks. Almost one-tenth of Americans use offstie storage, and the average household has approximately 300,000 items in them meaning off site storage sometimes just makes sense. Storage facilities are not just used for household objects, but other objects as well. Sometimes bigger items need to be stored in a covered spot rather than an actual facility. This is where off site storage for RVs comes in handy. When considering storing your RV at a storage facility or your home you should weigh the pros and cons. Read below to see the advantages of storing your RV at an offsite storage facility.


Extra security is a great feature of off site storage for RVs. You can rest assured knowing that there are many security measures in place to keep your belongings safe. Most RV storage sites offer fences which restrict unauthorized access. Surveillance cameras are another security measure popular with offsite storage for RVs.These cameras help to deter unauthorized visitors as well as suspicious activities. Knowing that the storage units are protected by video surveillance helps provide peace of mind and sense of security for your belongings.


RVs are meant to travel, meaning they are meant to withstand certain elements of the weather, but that doesn’t mean they are built to withstand everything the weather throws at them. Harsh weather conditions can wreak absolute havoc on your RV. Instead of having to file an insurance claim and see your premiums go up, store your RV at an offsite storage facility to help protect it. Insurance is vital and still necessary, but depending on where you live, other precautions are sometimes beneficial as well.

Prolonged Life

Choosing to store your RV can help the overall life of your RV. This can be especially helpful when you are still paying it off, and are wanting to retain as much value as possible. Even those who have already paid their off and are looking to retain the value to sell it at a later date, can benefit from storage. Without your RV being exposed to all of the elements of the weather it will last you many more years. This helps not only the exterior of the RV but also the interior. Leaks are less likely to form, which means there will be less of a chance for mold or mildew to form inside the RV.

Extra Room

This benefit may seem like an obvious one, but until you find yourself trying to store belongings around or inside of your RV, it may not quite hit home. Anyone who has tried to do so knows the struggle and the hassle of this. Moving your RV to an offsite storage facility frees up space in your home so you can become more organized with your belongings. Plus not many people have a covered area in their home or around their home to properly store their RVs. This solves both of these problems with one simple solution.

Shop around before choosing storage for RVs. Make sure that you are getting all the services that you need for the best price. Make sure that you have all the information before signing any contract. Ask any questions you may need to ask. Find out what type of security is offered, and make sure that you have access after hours in case you need to get to your belongings. Make sure all of your questions are answered so that you can feel completely comforatble leaving your RV there.

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