Begin the Tradition of Quilting With Your Family


Custom memory quilt

Do you have a collection of T shirts that have too much meaning behind them to throw away? You also don?t want to wear them in fear of ruining them. Most households have a collection of items that have meaning, but sit in storage for many years. These items usually include sporting T shirts, class shirts, team jerseys, graduation gowns, a favorite T shirt of a loved one that has passed, or outgrown baby items. Instead of throwing these items into the bottom of a closet somewhere, consider turning them into something memorable and useful. A custom T shirt quilt serves many purposes, while also giving you usage for those stored shirts.

Great gift idea
Custom tee shirt quilts make great gifts, especially for monument birthdays or points in life. Create a custom quilt made up of your child?s baby clothing for their wedding or birth of their first child. Give the gift of a custom tee shirt quilt to your graduating senior that includes all of their sporting T shirts throughout school. Handmade quilts make unique gifts because they require a special skill that is also dedicated to the personalization of the handmade quilts.

Memorable item
Do you struggle with selecting the perfect sympathy gift for a loved one who has lost someone close to them? Custom memory quilts can be the perfect gift for this type of an occasion. Many people going through the grieving process may wonder what to do with their loved ones belongings. Some items, particularly their clothing and favored T shirts may be difficult to throw out or donate. Have them quilted instead, into a custom tee shirt quilt.

Memory quilts have been used for many years as a symbol of remembrance and awareness. Currently, the world?s largest quilt is the AIDS Memorial quilt and it weighs approximately 54 tons. Memory quilts can also be created and then sold to raise money for awareness efforts. Consider donating your quilting materials to T-shirt quilt makers who can turn them into highly desired quilts.

Quilt donations
Quilts are also known for their quality and degree of warmth. They are a perfect item to donate to a charity, as charities are always struggling with collecting warm products. Quilting can be traced back to ancient Egypt and China where three layers of fabrics (top, batting for warmth, and backing) were stitched together to keep the middle layer from slipping and clumping. The best quilts today are ones that utilize the same level of detailed quilting methods.

Turn quilts into a tradition
Quilting is a perfect tradition to start within the family. The dedicated quilter owns, on average, almost $13,000 worth of tools and supplies and has a stash of fabric worth nearly $6,000, which the majority (88%) store in a studio or room dedicated solely to sewing and quilting activities. Even if you do not have the same level of quilting experience in your family, it can be a nice activity to share with younger family members. Teaching someone else the art of quilting results in more than producing custom tee shirt quilts, it also teaches them how to create items with their own hands. Many families enjoy passing on both custom tee shirt quilts and the art of quilting.

Quilting is a hobby that has been around for many years. For those dedicated to quilting, it is much more than a hobby. The art of quilting also provides many benefits. It gives you the ability to handcraft unique and personalized gifts out of valued T shirts and other important clothing items. It also improves your ability to craft things with your hands, a skill that can translate into other areas of life. Make quilting a tradition within your family and turn all of those memorable items in storage into something more useful.

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