Attending Church for a Stronger You



Religion is an important part of life to people all over the world. Participation in church and specific denominational worship gatherings gives people a feeling of higher power, community, and spirituality. In addition to lessons of religion, a church can provide many positives in a person?s life, regardless of the type of church denomination you belong to.

Community of supporters
Many adults feel along within their communities. This is especially true if they do not live nearby any family members. A church can act as a community connector. It is a great way for adults to meet other adults with similar interests and to become a part of the church community. Many churches offer regular events in addition to the Sunday worships, including barbeques, family nights, night outings, and even formal fundraisers. These events are the perfect opportunity to meet your local neighbors and get to know your community better.

Good influence on children
There is an old saying that it takes a village to raise children. Parents can only provide so much influence onto their children, because as they get older, they spend more time away from home than they do at home. A church is a great influence on children. Children who are involved in church activities are likely to meet friends who are also involved in church activities. They are also more likely to take their educational lessons from church and apply them to their everyday choices. Some churches even have special Sunday worships and classes just for children, based on their ages.

Ability to help your community
Charitable donations are an important part of caring for those in need. Churches tend to be a backbone of many of the charitable efforts in a community. When you are a member of a church, you are provided with many opportunities to assist those in need. You can also choose your level of participation. You can donate your time, services, or money. You also can be a part of planning and organizing events for raising funds. Some missional churches arrange charity trips, sending church members to areas of the country requiring extra help.

Stronger spousal connection
Among those who are currently married, 27% say their spouse?s religion was a very important factor in deciding whether to marry them. Religion plays a huge role in marriage and relationships. Many marriage officiants even require pre marital counseling when a couple is married by a pastor or priest. Spouses who spend time together in a church setting are likely to see their relationship get stronger. The spiritual connections strengthen the relationship by connecting the couple at a deeper level.

Reduces stress and anxiety
Some people are so overwhelmed with stress and anxiety that they find it difficult to complete daily tasks. Church is one of the best places for people with overwhelming amounts of anxiety, as it allows you to put your anxiety into someone else?s hands. Simply attending a weekly church service, even one of a non denominational church, can drastically reduce stress and anxiety levels. In 2012, an estimated 4% of the U.S. population (some 12,200,000) worshipped in an independent or nondenominational church, up more than 50% from the 2008 estimate of 8 million. The share of people who attend any church service at least once a week has remained relatively steady, 37% say they attend at least weekly today. People often have many reasons for church attendance, but reducing stress and anxiety are one of the top ones.

Our world is made up of many different religions. The entire idea of religion is a saving grace for many. It provides many benefits to the individual, including a stronger sense of community, good influence on young children, the ability to be involved in fundraising efforts, reduced anxiety levels, and stronger marriage connections. The specific denomination of church that you attend is not as important as the reasons that you are going and the good that it is adding to your life.

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