Are You Ready to Clean Up Your Messy Garage?


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The clipboard resting on the steps inside the garage of your neighbor’s house seems innocent enough when you first walked by it. Unarming the security system as you stepped into the home to check on the space was a common weekly task for either you or your husband during the months between October and May. While your neighbors vacationed in Phoenix, you agreed to watching their house for them in their absence. To be honest, walking through their immaculate home was peaceful. Compared to your hectic home with two teenagers, this retired couple’s home seemed to be something that you and your husband could aspire to once the girls were both away at college.
The innocent clipboard, however, pulled you back into reality.
The day you paused from admiring your neighbor’s newly installed garage cabinets and looked at that clipboard you knew that the chance of your home ever being this peaceful were as remote as your neighbor and his wife experiencing a blizzard while they were at their Arizona home. None.
That clipboard which contained two sheets of handwritten notes about monthly maintenance tasks that the neighbor obviously completed was the secret to their peaceful home. Even when your two daughters left for college you doubted that either you or your husband would ever be organized or disciplined enough to create, let alone follow, such a list. Avoiding complete despair, however, you realized that you could do something to emulate your neighbor’s well cared for house. You went back home and announced that you would be getting your husband garage cabinets for him for Christmas. You wanted him to go over to the neighbor’s garage with you to see if you liked that free standing closet or if he wanted to select a different design.
Garage Cabinets Can Take Your Workspace from Cluttered Mess to Organized Precision
Garage racks and other organizational tools can serve a couple of different purposes. For the most organized home owner, garage cabinets and other storage systems can help a homeowner create an environment that is both calm and functional. For other more hectic homeowners, at the very least a garage organizational system can provide a place to stash tools and materials so that they are not a danger to the people and the cars that frequent the space.
Used to their potential, garage closet organizers and wall mount racks provide a safe space for unusually shaped tools and gadgets. Haphazardly placed rakes, shovels, and brooms can fall into cars causing both damage and frustration. The use of tool racks and other organizing trends can make a garage look like a welcome location for wood shop work or even an evening of watching TV with the guys.
Do Your Neighbor’s Garage Cabinets Look Better Than What You Have in Your Kitchen?
With today’s growing interest in home improvement, it should come as no surprise that some homeowners have done everything they can to the interior spaces of their homes and are now moving toward updating their garage spaces. Some of today’s most elaborate garages, in fact, are not heated in the winter, cooled in the summer, and include elaborate sound systems with big screen TVs. And while some homeowners barely struggle to maintain the inside of their homes, others are updating their garages with efficient storage systems that keep them organized and productive.
The average American home contains 3,000 items. The care and keeping of these items can be more easily achieved with proper planning and installation of shelving, cupboards, and drawers. Physical clutter can be stressful. In fact, a recent team of UCLA researchers observed 32 Los Angeles families. They discovered that the mothers? stress hormones spiked during times that were spent dealing with misplaced belongings. Similar to what multitasking does to a brain, physical clutter can overload senses, making a person feel stressed and unable to think creatively. It makes sense then that organization will make a person more productive and content.
Even starting small like cleaning the clutter from a laundry room closet can help a family reduce stress and increase productivity. Who knows? Before long you may work your way to an organized garage as well as an organized home.

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