Are You Planning a Summer Wedding?


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Summer is wedding season. There something about the abundance of life – flowers, fruit, trees, songbirds – that speaks to hopes for happiness and prosperity. If you’re planning a summer wedding, you have a wide choice of styles, decorations, and locations. Indoors or outdoors? Peonies or roses? Sit-down meals or buffet? One of the advantages of choosing reception halls for a wedding is that they gives you a range of options while retaining all the convenient features – accessibility, fully equipped, and experience in helping people celebrate the most important day of their lives.

Summer or winter?
Once you begin making your wedding plans, the first thing is to decide the date. Do you want to be married in the summer or winter? Summer weddings are classic, and the most weddings – 15% of the total number – take place then. Winter weddings have their advocates, especially since family members traveling for the holiday season can combine the two celebrations.
But summer is when you can have your pick of flowers for the bouquet and decorations – will you choose honeysuckle and roses, or peonies and sweetpea? No matter what flowers you choose for your bouquet and decorations, you’ll have plenty of colors, shapes snd scents to choose from. With romance in the air, no wonder summer is a popular choice for weddings.
On a somewhat more practical note, it’s also easier for people with kids to travel in the summer, since school’s out. Many people may choose to combine your wedding with a short vacation in the area.

Indoors or out?
So you’ve decided on a summer wedding. The next big decision is to pick the best venue. More and more, people are looking for unusual locations. As many as 40% of brides and grooms-to-be say that they seeking unusual wedding venues which reflects their personality.

Do you want to get married on a romantic, remote beach or mountaintop? It may be a reflection of your deepest feelings, but it might be difficult for your guests to reach. In fact, you’d best make sure that the Justice of the Peace or minister can make it there. If, on the other hand, you choose a more down to earth venue like reception halls, you can be sure that your guests will find the place easily. If you’d like your grandparents and other elderly relatives to be present, it’s best to choose an easily accessible location.
One of the best things about wedding venues like reception halls is that you have a blank canvas that you can decorate as you wish. No matter the theme of your wedding, you can be sure that you will be able to find the decorations, food and drink that match.

Sit-down meal or buffet?
There’s something gracious and old-world about a sit-down meal, with several courses beautifully presented and served, interspersed with witty toasts and speeches. Especially if your guest list is full of relatives and old friends, it becomes a true celebration.
Wedding receptions with buffets too have their advantages. For one thing, it’s possible to keep the party going all night, with refills of food and drink readily available. When people are already on their feet and moving around, it may be easier to get them to the dance floor.

Whatever season and venue you pick, make sure that you begin making your wedding plans well ahead. Popular venues and reception halls get booked up early, and you may have to make your reservations nine months to a year in advance to be sure of getting the place you really want. Most important, enjoy yourselves and remember what the celebration is really about.

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