Are You Looking for a Way to Teach Your Children About Sustainable Food?


Bunnies and chicks.
Candy and eggs.
This is the time of the year when everything spring is on the minds of many. And while you have never really had a desire for your own children to have little young chickens and rabbits in the backyard, you have decided that this Easter season might be the time to finally give into your wife who has. For years she has asked if she can get the girls baby chicks for Easter. She grew up on a farm and loved the chore of going to the hen house in the morning and gathering eggs. Living in the city today, however, has your wife far from those country traditions that she loved so much.
A recent law that was passed by the city, however, has allowed backyard farmer wanna be’s to now have a small number of chickens. As a surprise to both your wife and your two daughters you have placed an order for a finely crafted Amish rabbit hutch and matching cedar chicken coops. The girls will get the small animals in the Easter baskets in the morning before church, and you will walk your wife out to the backyard to see the location where you plan to entail the new Amish rabbit hutch and coops. She already has other pieces of Amish handmade outdoor furniture and you are confident that your wife will be more than thrilled with the little country scene that will now be part of her home in the city.
Amish Rabbit Hutches and Chicken Coops Make for the Perfect Easter Morning Surprise
When was the last time you held a fluffy little chick or a furry little rabbit? If it has been awhile then this Easter may be the perfect time to indulge yourself. And even though those fluffy little chicks and furry little rabbits do not stay little forever, there are plenty of custom Amish rabbit hutches and chicken coops that can help provide a great place to keep those animals once the get a little bit older. In a time when there are so many children who are very removed from the agrarian society that was once so common in this country, there are a growing number of parents who are reintroducing their children to home gardens and egg gathering in the city. In fact, with the latest Amish build structures that are available, you can create quite the scenic back yard for your family while also teaching them a little bot about harvesting and caring for animals.
If you plan to have an Easter morning surprise for your family, however, now is the time to start planning. Just as Amish furniture for the inside of your home can take 12 to 16 weeks to arrive at your home, you should expect that an Amish hutch or coop will take awhile as well. With fewer options for customizing, however, if you do your homework now you can be ready with the very best Easter surprise in a couple of months.
In the same way that a wooden shed should last at least 15 to 20 years, it should come as no surprise that if you invest in the highest quality hutches and coops you can also expect them to last a while. For this reason, it is in your best interest to make sure that you investigate the options that are available to you when you get ready to order any order structures for your property. Planning for the future is also important. When you get ready to order a shed, for instance, storage experts recommend that you order a size that will allow for 25% growth. In the same manner, you should also consider the size of the hutch or coop that you will need to purchase.
There are plenty of frilly dresses and rich chocolate treats that you can buy for your children when Easter arrives, but the most memorable gift might just be adorable little chicks and bunnies. Teaching your children to care for pets creates an opportunity to give them an opportunity that will provide memories long after the last chocolate egg is eaten.

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