Are Private Prep Schools Worth the Price?


Advantages of private schools

Many wonder about the advantages of private prep school. With high tuition rates compared to free public schools, is the cost of private prep school really worth it? Parents of 80% of students enrolled in a religious private school in the year 2011 to 2012 and 82% of students in other private schools reported being very satisfied with their child?s school. Parents that choose to enroll their child in a private prep school often do so for the following advantages.

Increased teacher attention
Because there are no limits to enrollment in public schools, attendance rates can get very high. With growing student numbers and no increase in teachers, students can easily get lost in the group. Some children require more personal attention to grasp the academic material. In a prep school setting, teachers are given smaller class sizes, which allow them to spend more individual time with each student. This can lead to increased academic success.

Greater academic resources
Many public schools are facing budget cuts. In addition to bigger class sizes, children are also often not provided with the tools that they need to learn academically. Prep schools tend to have more in terms of resources including computer labs, digital textbooks, and even personal tablets. With much of the world transitioning into a highly technological place, computer skills are more important than ever. When children do not have access to these technological programs, they also do not learn the technological skills they need for career success upon school graduation.

Extra curricular programs
Extra curricular programs have proven to keep children out of trouble and more focused on school success. Public schools usually have very limited after school programs. If they do have a program, the group is left with outdated supplies that need repairs. Prep schools have the budget available to provide numerous extra curricular programs to students. Students can attend math groups, choir, sporting organizations, or even performing arts. Performing arts high schools focus on both academic and fine arts success.

A safe learning environment
Private schools have nearly 1.5 times as much of their enrollment in large cities when compared to public schools. Children cannot focus on learning when they are worried about their safety. Public schools in larger cities tend to have higher crime rates. When added to poverty, gang involvement, and a lack of academic motivation, these students do not have a good environment for academic success. Private schools have increased safety measurements, making both the student and the parent feel safer.

College preparations
College is something that takes a lot of preparation and planning. Children that are faced with a lack of academic resources, large class sizes, and unsafe schools are generally not focused on preparing for college. Prep schools do a great job at college preparations. They implement college entrance exams into everyday school plans. They also provide students with ACT and SAT practice tests. Each student is set up with a career advisor that can individually assist the student from prep school to college entrance.

There are 30,861 private schools in the United States, serving 5.3 million pre kindergarten to twelve grade students. These numbers show that many parents are evaluating the costs of private school against the disadvantages of public schools, and choosing to give their child a good education. Prep schools have many benefits when compared to public schools. Overall, they give children the opportunity to succeed in an academic setting.

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