All Remotes Can Get Lost Here’s How to Fix the Problem


Tv remote replacements

Have you ever bought a flashy new electronic device and stopped using it because you just can’t find the remote? Whether it be television remote controls, DVD remote controls, or just about anything else, the mysterious case of the missing remote is a tale that has been told in this country for as long as we can remember.

All remotes are capable of getting lost at some point or another. Thankfully, replacement remote controls can get you back to enjoying your brand new device in no time. Instead of messing around with buying a universal remote or programming a remote control, replacements let you get right back to using your device with little to no setup required. Here are some important things to know if you find yourself with a missing remote:

    You are not alone. Sometimes losing a remote control in your own house can drive you insane. How can you possibly lose something that you never took out of the living room? Of all remotes lost by Americans, about 4% are reported to have found it in their fridge or freezer, and 2% found them outside or in their vehicle. Insane stories like this are not uncommon, and you should know that you have better options than going crazy over finding your missing remote.

    Universal remotes are not the answer. While the term “universal” can be enticing, you should know there are a lot of negatives that come with these devices. You need to sift through hundreds of codes to find the one that is unique to your device, and these are often much more expensive than original replacement options.

    Replacement remotes are your safest bet. Avoid the hassle of searching for your lost remote and invest in an original replacement. All remotes can be found on websites that offer replacement devices, and none of these substitutes require additional programming. Simply buy the replacement, point and click, and you’re ready to enjoy your new toy.

Remember not to go crazy over losing a remote control. It happens to everybody, and it is a “first-world problem” that shouldn’t stress you out too much. Make sure to look into buying a replacement remote for any device that you may have lost the original.

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