A Short Guide for Planning a Wedding in a Year or Less


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The prospect of getting married is exciting for many brides-to-be, but they are also usually the ones in charge of planning the wedding which can be a little more stressful than it is fun. Part of making sure that the wedding planning goes smoothly and as stress free as possible is starting planning early. Since engagements typically last an average of two years, there should be plenty of time to plan. Here’s a short guide for getting wedding planning done in just one year.

Twelve Months
The first thing a bride-to-be should do is create a binder or folder to store and organize all of the information that deals with the wedding. Additionally, before any real planning can begin the budget needs to be assessed and set in stone. This is also the time to choose and notify the wedding party, partly because people will be itching to find out and partly because they’ll have some planning to do as well.

Nine Months
At nine months, the priority should be finding venues and services. This is the time to look for places for wedding receptions and ceremonies (tip: the best places to have a wedding reception are places that can accommodate both the reception and the ceremony). This is also the time to look for things that need work ahead of time, like the dress and the best ballroom dancing lessons.

Six Months
When brides-to-be reach the six month mark, they should be looking into food and flowers, since these can vary by the season. Furthermore, this is also the time to shop for bridesmaids dresses and planning the honeymoon. The six month mark is also the ideal time to send out save the dates.

Three Months
At the three month mark, brides-to-be should be finalizing food and flowers. The rings should be bought to allow time for resizing and adjustments. Brides-to-be should also check in with their places for wedding receptions and ceremonies to ensure that there are no mix ups with the dates. If the couple is planning to have a wedding brunch for a smaller group from the wedding, this is also the time to start planning that.

Do you have any tips for planning a wedding in a year or less? Let us know in the comments! Helpful research also found here.

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