6 of the Best Fall Wedding Decorating Ideas


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The colors are changing, and the temperature is getting chillier. Autumn is the best time for your dream wedding, as the changing colors and bright blue skies are the perfect backdrop to an outdoor wedding. Here are some of the best fall wedding ideas to use for your big day.

Use fall leaves to your advantage

Fall leaves are the perfect accessory for your fall wedding. Have guests throw multi colored leaves instead of rice when you enter the church, have the flower girl drop leaves down the aisle instead of flower petals, and incorporate leaves into your bouquet. You can also use leaves to decorate your wedding arch if you are getting married outside, you can hang leaves from your back folding rental chairs, and scatter leaves all over your wedding linen rentals for a beautiful, rustic touch.


Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, which makes it incredibly easy and fun to incorporate into your dream wedding. You can spray paint miniature pumpkins and used them as name card holders, incorporate large pumpkins and fall flowers into your centerpieces, or have them sit prominently on the end of each aisle during your ceremony instead of flower bouquets.

Have apple pie instead of cake

Guests come to expect cake at a wedding, so change things up and offer them apple pie instead! It is a surefire way to stick out, and you can serve them with some ice cream for a delicious, yet simple dessert.

Cowboy boots

You don’t want to be too stuffy during your wedding, so you and your bridesmaids should wear cowboy boots during the day! It is an easy way to stay comfortable but chic.

Decorate the tent rental with all types of fall accessories

There is no such thing as going overboard for your dream wedding! Think apples, fall flowers, berries, pumpkins, leaves, and vines and go to town. You can have hanging chandeliers covered with ivy, hanging leaves, apple themed appetizers and desserts, pumpkins as table numbers and all of the above strung together to make a garland!

Apple cider instead of wine

This is great because you can always spike this delicious drink for the adult guests at your party!

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