5 Reasons to Consider an Adjustable Bed


Promote good health

When you think of adjustable bed systems, you may picture an electric hospital bed or electric beds for the elderly. While adjustable beds may be particularly beneficial for older people, here are some reasons anyone might enjoy an adjustable bed:
Multiple Activities: Most sleep experts recommend not watching TV in bed, since the blue light emitted by electronics can disrupt sleep. But if you do like to watch TV, read or do other activities comfortably in bed, you might enjoy the option of raising the top portion to provide back support like a couch.
Better Sleep: The American Sleep Foundation estimates that 2/3 of Americans don’t get sleep that leaves them refreshed and ready for the next day. Because its different sections can be moved in various combinations, an adjustable bed provides thousands of positions for comfortable sleep and lounging so you can find the one that’s right for you.
Pain Relief: Back and neck pain are common problems associated with sleeping on the wrong mattress. An adjustable bed can be contoured to the shape of your spine to provide better support, and a slight incline at the head or foot of the bed can discourage curled-up sleeping positions that cause pain.
Better Health: Even beyond relief of back pain, it’s possible that adjustable bed systems can promote better health by improving poor circulation in the lower body and reducing swelling and edema in the legs. Some even offer heat and massage options to provide extra comfort.
Options: Adjustable beds come in all bed sizes. You’ll also have your pick of memory foam or more traditional mattress types so you don’t have to sacrifice your other sleeping preferences for an adjustable system.

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