5 Places to Find Real Estate Agents



Most home buyers and sellers agree that a real estate professional is necessary. In fact, in 2014, 88% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker, a share that has steadily increased from just 69% in 2001. Real estate professionals bring a level of experience, housing market knowledge, and negotiation skills to the process that is invaluable. It is important, however, that you choose the right real estate salesperson. You can find real estate professionals in the following areas.

Referrals from Family and Friends

Family and friends that are satisfied with their real estate agent are usually willing to refer them. If you have any family, friends, or coworkers that have recently bought or sold a house, this can be a great place to find an agent. Simply asking on social media will likely get you a long list of optional realtors. Just make sure you narrow them down and choose a real estate agent that meets your buying or selling needs.

Through an Internet Search

The internet has made it easier than ever to find contractors, especially real estate professionals. If you are attempting to find a realtor in your area, you can easily do a search on the internet. Then, you have the ability to scan potential realtor’s websites and reviews, without ever reaching out to the person. The internet can also be a valuable part of the buying and selling process. Whichever agent you pick will use the internet to market your home’s sale. They will also communicate with you through the internet to show you potential houses for sale and condos for sale. Currently, approximately 44% of buyers look online for properties.

From a Real Estate Licensing Board

Most states require that real estate salespersons join the state licensing board. Joining the state board requires that they follow specific rules and regulations that protect you as a home buyer or seller. If you are looking for how to find a realtor, you can usually get a list of available realtors in your area from the local state licensing board. Following these licensing boards can also help you check licenses and ensure that your agent is up to date with real estate training.

Visit the Local Real Estate Brokerage Office

You have probably noticed numerous real estate brokerage offices in your city. This is the home base of the agents and brokers of that brand. Most state regulations require that a broker has a physical location in the city that they offer services in. Visiting these brokerage offices is a great way to have access to numerous agents. About 78% of recent buyers found their real estate agent to be a very useful information source. When you work with a brokerage office, you generally get the knowledge of multiple agents.

Attend Open Houses

You have also probably seen numerous open houses hosted in your area. An open house is a low sales tactic process for showing homes for sale. These open houses are often hosted by licensed agents. You can utilize this time to communicate with the agent and get to know them, without signing any contract. Just be careful if you do want to put in an offer on the open house, it might be useful to hire your own agent to prevent dual relationship ethical problems.

Most home buyers and sellers would agree that real estate professionals are necessary. They provide insight and evaluation into the market that can get the client a better price in a shorter time frame. There are many places to seek real estate services from, making it easier than ever to find the right one to assist with your real estate needs.

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