5 Important Questions to Ask Before Installing a Backyard Pool



Have you dreamed of putting in your own backyard pool? Families who enjoy swimming can benefit from and find a lot of entertainment from backyard swimming pools. However, before you call local pool companies and set up your pool installation, there are a few important things to consider. With so many pool choices and installation techniques, you will have to do your research and answer the following questions.

Is an in ground or above ground pool more ideal for your backyard conditions?

In ground pools are swimming pools that are dug up and placed directly into the ground. In most cases, a deck is built around it. Some pools might even be partially in ground. Because digging requires more work and costs, many people choose to go with an above ground pool. Above ground pools can be placed anywhere there is flat ground and enough space. About 41.7% of pools in the U.S. are above ground pools. You will want to carefully evaluate your land conditions and the ability to put in an in ground or above ground pool.

What size pool is best?

Pools come in all sizes and shapes. While you do not want to take up your entire backyard, you do want a pool that is sufficient size for your needs. It can be helpful to work with your local pool company on recommended sizes. Also keep in mind the desire for a patio, hot tub or spa, and patio furniture. If you install a pool that is too large, you might not have enough room for these items. Visually lay out your pool on paper, along with the wanted additional items and see how it fits in with your overall backyard layout.

Who will clean the pool regularly?

Pool cleaning is an absolute requirement. Without regular and proper cleaning, it can become contaminated with bacteria and other debris. Over time, it becomes unsafe for swimming conditions. It is recommended that homeowners have their pools cleaned once a week during the swimming season. Larger pools usually require a professional pool cleaning service for proper cleaning. However, your local pool company that installs the pool also likely provides cleaning services. You will want to establish who will clean the pool and how often it will be cleaned.

Do you have the means to keep up with a pool?

When you factor in the cost of a pool, you also have to consider the upkeep and maintenance costs. While you might be able to get a pool or spa for sale at a discounted price, you will still have to pay the monthly and weekly maintenance costs. You will have to pay the local pool company routine cleaning costs, plus materials. You will also have to regularly put chlorine into your pool, which depending on the size of the pool, can be costly. You will also want to factor in the costs of a local pool company professionally opening and closing your pool each pool season.

How often will you use your pool?

Some people are excited at the idea of installing a backyard pool, but then find that they rarely use it. In the spring of 2016, about 19.83 million people lived in a house that had a pool. Some of these homeowners purchased the home with the pool, while others had them professionally installed. Consider how often you will utilize your backyard pool and then compare it to the costs associated with maintaining it. Do not waste your money on a large pool that requires expensive upkeep, when you will only use it once or twice throughout the summer months.

Have you been thinking about installing a pool in your yard for many years? Have you decided that this summer is the year that you will do it? Before you install that large, in ground, heated pool, consider the purchasing options and what is best for your situation. You will want to consider sizing, shape, cleaning duties, and price in your overall pool decision.

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