4 Benefits Of A Home Alarm System


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Did you just buy a new home and want to make sure you keep your family safe? Installing a professional home alarm system can really help you keep this goal. Everyone wants to keep their loved one safe, and homeowners always need to be prepared for potential burglary. About 30 percent of all burglaries involve someone entering the home through an unlocked door. Having a video surveillance system and home security system can help to make sure doors are locked and also keep an eye on who is entering and leaving your home.

Right now, there are about 18 million home security systems installed in the US. If you’re thinking about installing one in your own home, here are some more reasons you should go ahead and take the plunge.

1. You can protect your valuable items

Have some cash stored up somewhere in your home? Do you own a bunch of beautiful, expensive jewelry? Do you have Persian rugs that have been in your family for centuries? If you have valuable items that not only carry a lot of monetary value but also sentimental value, this could be a good reason to invest in a security system installed If you already own a security system in your home, then it is important to keep up with security system maintenance to ensure that your system is operating correctly and keeping your protected.

2. It helps your neighbors, too

The more home security systems that are installed in a neighborhood, the more crime is actually deterred. Not only does it scare criminals away from your home, but also tends to keep them away from the entire area, which includes nearby neighbors. You can really be protecting someone’s family and children, without even being aware. A 2013 study by Rutgers found that there is s a direct correlation between a number of security systems in an area and the amount of crime. The more security systems present, the less crime occurred in the entire area. In fact, 85% of police officials believe that home monitoring systems can help deter burglary attempts.

3. With smartphones, it is different

With the advent of so much technology and the apps that have come with it, you can now watch your home from your smartphone. This allows for you to keep an eye on your home and valuables, and to check and see if anyone entered your home without your permission. In the case of theft, you can have video evidence to help police track down the criminals. In fact, only about 13 percent of burglars are caught because there is no evidence to help police. Security is just one of the benefits of a home automation system.

4. Protect your family if there is an intruder

Alarm systems that are installed in your home can alert you and your family members that you are in danger and that there might be an unwelcome guest in your home. This way you can stay safe and make sure you call 911 safely. Alarms might have issues at times, so it is important to keep up with any security system maintenance.

How has home security systems and security system maintenance helped your family? Let us know in the comments.

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