3 Tips for Finding the Right Storage Containers


Each year, many homeowners prepare to renovate their homes. Before performing any type of major renovations, you’ll need a place to store your items. A recent report from the LA Times found that there are nearly 300,000 items in the average American home. Considering how many items are in a typical home, it’s wise to think about finding residential storage containers for rent. In this post, you’ll learn three tips to remember before renting a residential storage container.

  1. Determine How Long Your Renovations Will Take

    Before partnering with a shipping container storage rental company, it’s wise to think about how long you’ll need this item. It’s possible to complete certain renovations in a matter of days. On the other hand, other projects might take months before they’re completed. Considering that, it’s wise to speak with a storage container company regarding the duration of their leases.
  2. Choosing the Right Sized Container

    Another important thing to think about is what size container you’ll need. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy decision to make. This is because most storage containers are either 20 or 40 feet long. Statistics gathered from the United States Department of Energy found that 25% of people with two car garages don’t have room to use these areas of vehicle storage. If your garage is also full of items, it might be best to choose a 40 foot storage container.
  3. Inquire About Available Add Ons

    If you’re working with a provider of custom storage containers, you’ll find they offer a wide range of additional features. For instance, many homeowners want to choose rentals featuring container locks. In addition, you might find that you prefer having double doors for easier access to your items.

In conclusion, there are several important considerations to make before renting a shipping container. These containers are extremely beneficial before beginning a home renovation project. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed while searching for containers for rent near me. Fortunately, there are plenty of these containers available for rent. In fact, statistics show that there are over 17 million containers currently in circulation around the globe. You don’t need to exhaust yourself searching for containers for rent near me. Instead, simply partner with a reliable storage container provider and you’ll soon be able to begin renovating your home.

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