3 Reasons To Search For Your New Home In Bluffton South Carolina


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If you’re at a phase in your life where you’re looking for houses for sale, narrowing down the region for your possible new home can be a challenge. Maybe you’ve always had a soft spot in your heart for lake homes, for example, but there are a lot of lakes in the U.S., and this is a huge country!
We’re sure you already have a list a mile long, but we simply must recommend searching for new homes for sale in Bluffton South Carolina. This small Lowcountry town has a quaint coastal feel and boasts around 2,500 residents. Even better, the community is flourishing, as Bluffton is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the region and perfect if you belong to any of the following demographics:
1. You love the outdoors.
Even if you’re more of an indoor person by nature, we recommend looking at houses for sale that at least have nature close by as an option. According to numerous studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control, even seniors should get around three hours of moderate physical activity a week. Furthermore, the optimal number of recreation activities is three to four. Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or boating are great low-key ways to fill these health quotas, and Bluffton’s convenient location along the May River can help facilitate these activities.
2. You’re a history junkie.
Bluffton itself has been around in one form or another since the Colonial era. Originally the town (now called “Old Town”) was just one square mile laboriously farmed by colonists. You can visit Old Town and learn about its history while searching for houses for sale. Additionally, Bluffton is extremely close to Charleston South Carolina. Charleston is rich in history as well, and was host to the first play house, museum, and public college in the U.S.
3. You don’t like the cold.
Let’s face it, the cold becomes a nuisance after a while, especially as we get older. With its Southern subtropical climate, Bluffton is home to extremely mild winters and humid, hot summers — but the heat’s nothing that can’t be cured with a little air conditioning!
If anyone has a house listing in Bluffton they’d like to plug, please do so in the comments below. Or if you think we’ve missed something unique about this very special town, tell us all about why Bluffton is special to you.

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