3 Most Essential Stages of The Home Building Process Timeline


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What is a plan specific homebuilder

Breaking ground on a new home is one of the most fulfilling achievement you can ever experience as a person. It offers you an opportunity to own your dream house and become a proud homeowner. It’s also a trying period that requires you to bear with the project’s uncertainties, especially if you aren’t familiar with the home building process timeline and construction phases.

Like every other construction job, home construction projects are affected by a number of factors such as weather conditions, proposed construction site, labor, materials, and more. These factors are the ones to determine the project’s cost, success and most importantly, the project timeline. Whether you are constructing a simple house or the ultimate dream home, there are standard project timelines that you should know. Ask your contractor for a clear project breakdown right from the moment shovels hit the ground to when the construction is completed.

Here are three stages involved in a home construction job that anyone looking to buy or build a home should consider.

Cost Factors
The first phase of the home building process timeline is budget preparation. It’s is the most important stage in any construction as it highly determines the success of the project. Here, you are expected to also conduct your own cost research on construction materials. This will help you to keep track of your budget and have a rough idea of how much the entire project will cost.

Budgeting also allows you to engage the home builders early on in developing cost planning and assessing other construction details such as value management, risk analysis, and mitigation measures. Before any major work can begin, make sure you’ve fully understood the project details in terms of what is going to cost you. It’s also recommended to document every transaction and keep all financial records involved in the construction. Such records can help you make necessary adjustments should your project demand it.

Home Styles
After developing a realistic budget, the next phase you’ll enter will be to identify your preferred home style. There are various home designs you can choose from depending on what you like and of course, your budget. Generally, the more complex a construction project is the higher it’s going to cost. If you are going for a custom home design, the better. Work with your home contractors and builders in defining your space and the special features you want your house to have.

Make sure you are all on the same page when it comes to actualization the custom features. Whether you’re looking to have a patio, porch or a deck, the details should be thoroughly discussed to avoid any misunderstanding when construction commences.

Construction Site Preparation
With the two stages out of the way, now comes the real deal. The third and the most critical phase of the home building process timeline. Home builders will begin to prepare the site where the house will be erected, which involves a host of activities such as digging, dredging, excavation, leveling, filling and a lot of earthworks. Depending on the nature of the project, this phase could take a couple of months.

With these three phases in mind, you’re able to understand your project demands and have a clear understanding of the timeline.

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