3 Great Reasons to Give Back to the Community This Holiday Season


Helping families in need

As the holiday season approaches, we all seem to embrace the giving spirit with our friends and family. Unfortunately, many people don’t translate their holiday spirit into helping families in need and donating to charity.

There are tons of great charities to support this holiday season that will deliver your donations to the people who really need it. These people are your neighbors who are down on their luck and don’t have the means to buy fancy gifts for their family. Here are three great reasons to donate toys, clothing, and anything else you can afford to give just in time for the holidays:

    Help your neighbor’s family have the holiday they deserve. About 43% of people say they give more during the holiday season, and for good reason. Many of us can’t even imagine not having the means to enjoy a nice Christmas ham or buy gifts for our loved ones. Unfortunately, this is the case for thousands of families every year. For those who are forced to live this harsh reality, your donations bring a sense of normalcy to their holiday season.

    Get rid of junk that’s been piling up for years. We all have that one room or closet in the house that is filled to the ceiling with stuff we just don’t need. When people do get rid of their lightly used clothing and other hoarded items, they sometimes throw them in the garbage. Don’t be one of these people. Making charitable donations is the ultimate way to “go green” and repurpose your old items for a good cause.

    It’s easier than ever to donate. In 2015, there are charities to support that will come directly to your house and pick up any items you can afford to donate. A recent survey found that about half of people making donations prefer door-to-door pickup and would not go more than 10 minutes out of their way to donate. If you are a part of this growing majority, find a charitable organization near you who is willing to pick up your donations from your home, free of charge.

If you’re looking for an easy way to clean out your house and change the lives of people in your own community, you need to find charities to support in your area. The fulfillment of improving the holiday experience for your neighbors is better than anything Santa can possibly bring you.

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