3 Can’t-Miss Tips for Reupholstering Your Furniture


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We all rely on furniture on an everyday basis — but it’s only when our furniture’s upholstery becomes damaged that we really pay attention to our furniture.

Luckily, rather than wasting hundreds of dollars on costly professional furniture reupholstering services, you can often reupholster your own furniture by hand. It’s much less difficult than it may sound, and reupholstering your sofa, chairs, ottoman and more can make you feel like you’re living in a brand new home!

Not sure where to get started when it comes to furniture reupholstering? Learn how to reupholster anything with these three tips?

Fabric matters

When it comes to reupholstering, thicker fabric is almost always better fabric. You don’t always have to purchase reupholstery fabric specifically — in many cases, canvas will do the trick. However, thin fabric will not be strong enough for you to pull on with the upholstery thread — just save the time by avoiding these fabrics.

Don’t splurge on fabric

Another key tip is not to buy expensive fabrics for your upcoming reupholster. If you spend more than $10.00 per yard on fabric, there’s no real point in you upholstering your furniture yourself — you might as well take it to a professional or just buy a new piece of furniture. Why waste the time? Additionally, expensive fabric will cost much more to replace if you make a mistake during your furniture reupholstering project.

Pull it tight

While upholstering, you absolutely need to pull the fabric as tight as you can. If you don’t, people will be able to tell you upholstered your chair yourself — but when you pull the thread tight, your furniture will look like it came from the store.

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